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NewLife for Women

Drug or alcohol addiction is devastating. Families are separated, relationships are destroyed, and often loved ones are lost with no hope. Addicted individuals lose their jobs, their homes, their freedom and even in some cases their lives.

NewLife is a Long-term, Intensive, Faith-based, Experiential treatment program for women who need help in overcoming their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our mission is to provide counseling and guidance to women addicted to drugs or alcohol, to identify and address the circumstances which lead to their addiction and to help them to restore their self respect and sense of self-worth.

NewLife is specifically designed to meet the needs of addicted women. Our counseling staff, uniquely experienced in the needs of women, offers acceptance, understanding, and compassion to the women in our care. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality treatment and to help women find a new direction, a new purpose, and most importantly, new found HOPE! The NewLife program is designed in phases to allow the client the optimum level of treatment requirements designed to meet their overall needs.